NYFW Gets Snapchatting

It was only a matter of time before companies started seeing the potential in using Snapchat for exclusive teasers and sneak peaks and what better place to experiment with the app’s potential than at New York Fashion Week.

Fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff used Snapchat before her show on Friday to gave fans an exclusive look at 5 out of 10 looks before they hit the runway. Forgoing the buyers and press and giving exclusives straight to the fans is a great idea but one not without difficulties (as Snapchat requires a friend request, sending out previews en-masse isn’t really an option). And whilst teasing a collection is vital in creating interest, does showing people half of the looks before the show give too much away?

Ultimately, fashion is all about novelty – it’s no surprising that as each year we search for exciting new looks, designers also seek exciting new ways to present them to the world. The question is, how much is too much?


London-based fashion and beauty editor

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