Give me the Glossier

With its millennial pink packaging and insanely cute website it was obviously going to be love at first sight when a friend sent me a link to Glossier a year or so ago. So when they launched delivery in the UK a few weeks ago, I made an order stat.

My haul consisted of a pretty random mix of make-up and skincare because I was too excited to try everything and couldn’t afford to get it all at once, so I figured a pick and mix of products was the best way to try the range out. Hey, I’m a libra and we’re not good at picking favourites when it comes to our products (or food, or movies… I could go on).

So skincare. I got the Jelly Cleanser and loved it! It’s the perfect mix of creamy and light that feels so nice to use. It’s great on its own, but I’m looking forward to using this as the second step in a double cleanse more as it feels like it was made for that. For something so refreshing it did make me feel like my skin needed moisturiser immediately though, so make sure you have yours on standby if you’re planning on making this your new go-to.

Technically, Balm Dot Com probably counts as make-up, but this multi-purpose balm can be used pretty much wherever. I got it in Birthday Cake, a delicious vanilla flavour with a slight shimmer, but really I was totally sold on its holographic packaging.

When it comes to make-up, I ordered Boy Brow in Blond, Haloscope in Quartz and Generation G in Jam. Boy Brow totally lived up to the hype delivering fluffed up and full brows. Being a highlighter fiend I was so excited to try Haloscope and while its dewy finish was super pretty, because of its oil core I think this is a winter make-up bag winner, rather than an all-year round buy. It is however the perfect way to maintain a glowy look when your skin is parched in the colder months. Beautifully sheer, the main word that comes to mind with Generation G is buildable. If you got it in a dark shade like I did, you might need a few coats to get to the finish you want to achieve, but I can just imagine how dreamy this lippie looks in lighter colours.

Overall, it was a bit of a mixed (make-up) bag in terms of results on my first Glossier order. But, there are a few pieces that I will definitely buy again. And from packaging to delivery the whole experience was so nice that it’s pretty much impossible not to like this cult beauty brand. Now, which Cloud Paint colour to order next time…


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