One week in Mallorca

I won’t get into it right now, but this year hasn’t planned out at all how I thought it would. So, a week out of the madness and into the sun was exactly what I needed.

In search of a bit of calm, we headed to the Balearic island of Mallorca a few months ago – yes, it’s been that crazy a year that I’m only just writing about this now. It’s not somewhere I’d ever really thought about going before. But, occasionally you have a better time in the places you hadn’t planned to go, than the ones you’ve been thinking about for years.

We took once suitcase between us. And, we’re talking a luggage allowance so small we couldn’t take our toiletries with us (so long sweet, sweet beauty products). But, I’m just being dramatic, it was totally fine.

We were greeted at the hotel by thunder and pouring rain. And that carried on for days. But, much like a metaphor for this year it seems, eventually the sun came out. Once our soggy shoes had dried off, we ventured beyond the spa and out into the neighbouring town of Port de Pollença and the markets of Alcúdia. And of course, no trip to Mallorca is complete without a trip to pretty Palma. My favourite discovery in the city was the beautiful Cappuccino restaurant in Hotel Mama there – think Soho House in the sunshine. I fell in love with it so quickly it instantly went firmly to the top of my ‘future hen party’ wish list.

Mallorca is a laid-back little island in a lot of ways, so it’s the perfect place if you’re on the hunt for a family-friendly break. But, there’s adventure and nightlife ready and waiting if that’s your thing, too. I’ll 100% be back one day… but next time, I’ll invest in a suitcase to myself.


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